Major Performance Displayed at The Baja 500

Ensenada, Baja California

Matt Cullen’s Major performance powered Alumi Craft displayed impressive speed on his way to winning class ten at the SCORE, Baja 500 in Ensenada, Mexico. Matt and co-driver Mike Lombardi were on the gas from the drop of the green flag. They started fifth off the line but worked their way past all other class ten cars before they reached Ojos Negros, at race mile 35. The car ran flawlessly to race mile 209 where Chuck Sacks and co-driver Layton Bowles took over. They continued to build a huge lead over the rest of the class ten field; overtaking class one unlimited cars and Trophy Trucks who started several minutes ahead as well. On pace to finish as high as eighth overall they were sidelined for half an hour when an errant rock made contact with the power steering filter causing fluid to leak. After repairing the leak, they continued to the finish; crossing the line twenty minutes ahead of the next class ten competitor.

“We knew what this motor was capable of,” said Major Performance owner Andy DeVercelly, “We were looking forward to the 500 because the course allowed Matt and Chuck to really open it up and show what the Honda can do. Matt’s “K” series, 2.4 liter Acura engine already had 50,000 miles on it when we put it in. We installed our electronics package and gave it the Major Performance tune but otherwise it’s untouched. Any team that wants to go fast should give us a call. We have the whole package figured out and have spent enough time testing in race conditions now to highly recommend it.”

If you are looking for reliable performance for your class ten or any engine package from the largest displacement, LS based engine to a limited air-cooled VW motor, Major Performance delivers major results. They offer comprehensive building, tuning, diagnostics and development services. You can select from one of their many championship winning engine packages or develop your own engine program that meets your specifications, maintenance intervals and horsepower needs. At Major Performance, our name says it all; we deliver performance, quality and reliability you can trust.

Photography By Art Eugenio
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