BAJA 1000 Equals Major Results

You can score another successful Baja 1000 for Major Performance. Major performance engines propelled Jim Anderson to victory in class 5, helped to earn a championship in class 12 for Raphael Navarro III, Raphael Navarro IV and Vic Bruckmann and captured the victory and a second straight class 1600 championship for Luke McMillin racing with Justin “Bean” Smith.

Baja 1000 race wins are coveted, especially when you consider the sheer brutality of this year’s course but it’s been noted that championships are written in the history books. They chronicle the fact that your team rose above the rest not for a day but for an entire season. Skill, preparation, determination, even luck all have to come together to win a championship.

“We wanted to win the championship for sure but we figured if we went for the win every race the championship would be ours”, says Luke McMillin, “I can’t say enough about our motors from Major Performance and the work that Andy has done for us all year. We won in Laughlin and from then on we’ve been out-motoring the competition all year. We started the 1000 in eleventh place and by the time we hit Loreto we were fifteen minutes up on the field. That was pure horsepower. I’ve driven other cars with different engines but in all of my stuff I run Major Performance; they’re just the best. My brother Dan and I have been with them since 2003 and we just won back to back championships, I think that says it all”.

In limited engine classes like 5, 12, 1600 it’s not easy getting peak horsepower without sacrificing reliability but Major Performance has done just that. “Some teams put special emphasis on races like the Baja 1000”, says Major Performance owner Andy Devercelly, “Besides the pure challenge of the race, it’s the end of the season and there are championships on the line. To us it’s business as usual; we do the same level of quality and precision regardless if it’s the first race of the season or the last. You can’t win a championship with one race; you have to be out front all season long. That’s why we put 100% into every motor we build”.

The list of race wins and championships prove it, whether you need a limited class, air-cooled motor or an all-out V8 monster, Major Performance delivers major results.

Photography By Brian Binkert
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